You will find in this section the most commonly asked questions. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

How to postpone a subscription?

The deferment of your subscription is possible only if validity period has not already started. Every postponed subscription must be sent to the following address: qualite.direction@aremiti.pf. Our team will answer you promptly.

What is the validity of a ticket?

« Passenger » and « vehicle » tickets are valid for one year from the date of issue. However, you can reissued your ticket only once. For this you will have to pay penalty fees of 200 CFP ( for « Passenger » and « vehicle » tickets).
In this case, the validity of the reissued ticket is fixed at 6 months.

How to exchange tickets?

To exchange tickets, we invite you to go the ticket office located in Tahiti or Moorea to make changes. It only takes a few minutes and can be done immediately.

You cannot buy your tickets online

If it is the first time that you buy tickets online, be sure to create an account before making your purchases.
if you already have an account, do not forget to log in before beginning your purchases.

What are the specificities of a passenger ticket?

Your passenger ticket allows you to travel aboard the Aremiti 5 and the Ferry 2 whenever you want , no booking is needed.
All our tickets are valid one year.
If you want to buy your ticket ahead of time, read carefully the expiry date.

How far in advance are boat schedules available?

From our timetable page, you can access to the schedules of the 2 vessels up to 6 weeks in advance. That way, you will be able to plan your travel between Tahiti and Moorea.

Why haven't I received the confirmation E-mail when I registered?

During your registration, a confirmation E-mail send to you, thus, allows you to activate your account. If you do not receive it in your mailbox, we invite you to check your spams. If not, contact us via email or over the phone.

From which age do we need to buy a ticket?

The crossing is free for children under 2 years old. To benefit from this, you just have to go to one of our ticket offices to get out a free ticket.

How can I get a return ticket when ordering online?

When you order a ticket on our website, it equals to a one-way ticket. If you want a return, you have to buy 2 one-way tickets.

Can I subscribe a pass online?

No, you can't take out a subscription online. You have to go to our ticket offices of Papeete or Moorea where your card will be issued immediately. However, once the subscription is active, you are free to update it online at your convenience.

How long is the crossing between Tahiti and Moorea?

The crossing time varies depending on the ship you get in.
With the Aremiti 5, the crossing takes an average of 35 minutes from dock to dock.
With the Aremiti Ferry 2, the crossing lasts an average of 40 minutes from dock to dock.

How to take a one-way vehicle ticket on a ship and a return on another?

If, for various reasons, you wish to carry out the outward on one boat and the return on a second one, you have to make two separate bookings for each boat crossing.

On the first line "Add" start by clicking on the tab "vehicle", and choose your boat, the vehicle type, the date and time.
Do not forget to specify the origin of departure.

Next, you just have to repeat the same operation on the second line "Add".
As you chose to travel both with the Ferry 2 and the Aremiti 5, you will then have 2 separate billings.