The Fleet
Aremiti is the major player in the marine transportation between Tahiti and Moorea. This Polynesian company has built up a strong experience in the sector since 1991.
As of today, we operate 2 high-speed vessels: the Aremiti 5 and the Aremiti Ferry 2.
Our ships perform up to 5 rotations per day.

Our expertise: shuttles, passengers, vehicles and goods transportation.

Our Vessels are on the cutting edge of technology to operate the rotations between Tahiti & Moorea, the sister island located at 17 km.


The Aremiti 5 is a high-speed catamaran of 56 meters built by the Australian firm, Austal, an internationally established company and specialized in the construction of high performance vessels.

The ship is able to carry 697 passengers and 30 light vehicles in an exceptional comfort thanks to latest-generation stabilizers, which allow to navigate in a rough sea at more than 30 knots.
It rallies Papeete and Moorea in approximately 30 minutes.

Onboard, all the rooms are air-conditioned, the boat has also a snack-bar for gourmands and a large flat screen for movie fans. Outside, a sun deck with 70 seats will allow you to admire the beauty of our islands ...


The last jewel of the fleet, this 80 meter catamaran is a concentrate of new technologies.
Also built by Austal and commissioned in December 2013, it welcomes 967 passengers and 146 vehicles.

This boat is also equipped with stabilizers limiting the roll. The Ferry 2 is much faster than its older sister, it can reach an average speed of 20 knots, permitting a voyage between Tahiti and Moorea of less than 40 minutes .

The ship is very spacious and possesses 2 air-conditioned floors equipped with televisions and a large restaurant area. The Ferry 2 also has a car lift to facilitate boarding in the parking and an elevator for disabled people. Like its little brother, the AREMITI 5, the FERRY 2 also has a big sun deck where it is good to enjoy the sea air ...