On Board
Our ships of last generation offer comfort and security.
All the onboard equipements have been developed especially for you and will make your crossing a pleasant moment.
Welcome on board !

You travel aboard the AREMITI 5

The trip lasts an average of 35 minutes from dock to dock.
On board, several spaces:

A sun deck where you can enjoy the sun and the gentle sea breeze.

A restaurant area with a snack bar offering salted snacks, pastries and drinks.

A first lounge (located at the front of the garage) with large flat screens for movie fans.

A relaxation area where you can rest during your crossing.
A quiet crossing even by heavy swell:
The Aremiti 5 is equipped with efficient stabilizers, allowing a pleasant trip even by heavy swell. Stabilizers allow to reduce the rolling motion of the vessel for the maximum comfort of the passengers.

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You travel aboard the AREMITI Ferry 2

The trip lasts an average of 40 minutes from dock to dock.
The Ferry 2, started its operations on December 2013. It is very spacious and offers to the passengers the latest amenities!

Discover on board, spacious areas decorated tastefully:

The restaurant area is spacious with a lot of tables. The snack bar offers a wide range of dishes, snacks, pastries and drinks.

To the front, a large relaxation area is available.

On the upper floor, a vast lounge with giant screens where you can enjoy a relaxing break.

The Ferry 2 has also a vast sun deck from where you can appreciate the amazing panorama.
Passenger comfort foremost!
Like his little brother the Aremiti 5, the ferry is also equipped with stabilizers, making it more stable.
The ferry 2 is also equipped with a lift to allow people with reduced mobility or disabilities to enjoy the restaurant and the lounge areas.


Children under 16 years
Children under 16 unaccompanied cannot travel alone. They must be under constant guard of parents or other person who is responsible. They shall in no case flow in the vessel unaccompanied.

Pursuant to Article 10 of Law n ° 2009-04 of countries of 11/02/2008 relating to the fight against tobacco abuse, and smoking, we remind you that our ships are non-smoking.

It is forbidden to eat in the lounge. We ask you to stay in the restaurant areas.

Comfort of others
To respect the tranquility of all, we ask you to kindly use earphones for the use of any audio or video device.