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Whether you travel once, weekly, every day with us, Aremiti offers you the flexibility you need.
All our tickets and exchange coupons are valid for one year.


Your passenger ticket allows you to travel aboard the 2 vessels without prior booking.
We recommend, however, to present yourself at least 30 minutes before the departure time.

One-way / return tickets

If you are planning to use our services only once or twice in a year, this is what you need!
Buy it now!

Young person or students

  • The crossing is free for children under 2 years old. You shall have to go to one of our ticket offices to get a free ticket.
    The children between the ages of 2 and 12 and the students benefit from preferential fares.
  • For students, you can benefit of this fare until 26 years old. You will be asked to provide a document certifying that you study in French Polynesia (student card, school journal, certificate of school).
    The student fare is applicable for students of French Polynesia (under 26 years old and hold a student card). (Decree n ° 767 CM June 20, 2012)


You are 60 years of age or over, take advantage of lower prices. Travel safely and comfortably aboard our vessels.

Residents fares

If you live in French Polynesia, you can benefit special fares on passenger tickets.

If you are a resident of Moorea, you can also take advantage of lower prices (Only on ticket office of Moorea and upon submission of a proof of domicile on the island, ex: EDT receipt or residence certificate).

Ticket booklet

The ticket booklet of 10 one-way tickets will allow you to use it as you wish or when traveling with others. Practical and advantageous, it will avoid you to go several times at the ticket office to buy tickets.

Group fare

We also offer group fares, discounts vary depending on the number of people. For more information, do not hesitate to contact Manutea at the following number (+689) 87 74 39 41.

Special reductions

Upon presentation of the Big CE card, club Dec card or Passeport Gourmand at any of our ticket offices, get reductions on your crossing (either passenger or vehicle).
Ask our staff for more information. (Please note that these special reductions are not available for online booking).

Weekly & monthly Pass

Monthly pass

You travel everyday between Tahiti and Moorea ... Among all subscriptions we offer, you will necessarily find one that will suit you best!
Thanks to your subscription you will be granted unlimited travel during an entire month on all rotations made by our ships. It is a personalized and nominative card.
You must present this card when you are boarding. We give you your card right away at your ticket offices (we take pictures on the spot) and you can later renew your subscription with a few clicks on our site.

The Wik and the Wikiti for the youngest

This named card is advantageous and easy to use. It is valid for 7 days and will allow you unlimited travel on board the two ships. As the subscription, it is issued immediately in the form of cards at our counters.

For the subscription to the monthly pass, the Wik or the Wikiti, we leave it to you to choose the start date of validity of your card.


For the transportation of your vehicle, you are obliged to make a reservation.
To avoid any confusion when buying your tickets, we have set up a system categorizing vehicles by size.

Vehicle < 4.65m
Vehicle between 4.65 et 5.15m
Vehicle between 5.15 et 5.35
Vehicle between 5.35 et 5.65m
Vehicle > 5.65m

  • When you purchase online, please specify precisely the length of the vehicle which is indicated on your car registration document. This will prevent you from making changes during your embarkation.
  • When purchasing a ticket for your vehicule and in order to charge you the right fare, it is mandatory to present your car registration document.

Bicycles / Motorbike

You want to travel with your bike, no reservation is required.
You will be prompted, as vehicles, to present you at least 30 minutes before departure time.

Vaa / Surfboards / Stand up Paddle

Depending on the size of canoes, surfboards, stand up paddles, kayaks, different fares may apply. We advise you to contact our ticket offices for specific information.