on board
For the comfort and calm of all our passengers, all animals have to be in a cage and/or muzzled.
They are not allowed in the lounges and snack bars of both boats.


Dogs belonging to the first category (Pitt-bulls, Rottweiler, or other molossoid breeds) are prohibited on board.

Dogs belonging to the second category (American Staffordshire terrier, Rottweiler, or other molossoid breeds) are allowed but must be leashed and muzzled.

These measures are based on the article 10 of the order HC 1636

All pets

On the AREMITI 5: Owners must be besides their animals , at the back of the ship.

On the AREMITI FERRY 2: We invite animals’ owners to go at the back of the ship’s garage to access to the back of the ship or to the sun deck

Any admission of an animal on board does not release any responsibility of the passenger in charge of the animal in case of assault, injury or damage caused by the animal.

For any questions, please feel free to contact our crew or before your trip to Tahiti, contact us via email: