Purchase and
Before your departure, we provide you all the informations that you would need to fully prepare your crossing aboard our ships.

Find out here what you need to know about purchase, luggages, check-in, boarding and freight.

Vehicle ticket

When purchasing a vehicle ticket, bring your registration card to justify the size of your vehicle. This will help avoid any confusion.

Internet purchase

For an online purchase, we kindly ask you to issue your ticket before you go to the boarding areas. If you forget to do so, you can go to the AREMITI ticket office where the staff will print your ticket. In this case, have your security number and your invoice number with you.

Cabin luggage

Any passenger can travel with one hand luggage whose weight is limited to 10 kg. The sum of the three dimensions does not exceed 115 cm. This baggage remains your responsibility during the crossing.

Passengers are not allowed to pull your rolling luggage in the restaurant or lounge areas. The company wants to offer its users' highest quality areas in the long term.

Luggage in trays

  • All ticket entitles you to transport your luggage or packages (a maximum of two) for free. The maximum weight of a bundle is limited to 23 kg. The sum of the three dimensions (length x width x height) does not exceed 200 cm.
  • Luggage or/and package must be locked and provided with a label (address) and / or a suitable marking (marked 'fragile'...).
  • The packaging must be strong enough to resist to the port handling, pressure, vessel movement or unstowing.

The company and the vessel cannot be liable for the loss of any valuable items deposited in the trays: jewelry, money, cash, checks, currencies, securities, identity documents, administrative documents, cameras, computers...


Passengers should arrive in the boarding area with their ticket 30 minutes before the departure.

Passenger boarding

We invite passengers to wait in the departure lounge until the vessel's arrival. For safety reasons, no passengers should be on the access ramps ships without crew permission.

Vehicles boarding

Passengers traveling with their vehicles should be present 30 minutes before departure of the ship. For safety reasons, we urge passengers in the vehicle kindly go down before vehicle boarding (except for persons with reduced mobility). We invite those passengers to go to the boarding lounge.

We inform you that the check-in closes 10 minutes before the departure. In accordance with Maritime Code, no passengers should travel in the garage.


  • The freight on the vehicle as SUP, canoe, kayak or outrigger (> 0.5 m³) is paying. During your booking, you may have to specify it, this will save you having to introduce yourself to the ticket office when boarding.
  • Trailer transportation is allowed only on the ship AREMITI FERRY 2. We also ask you to specify when booking. The price depends on the trailer length.
  • Freight appliances (<0.5 m³) vehicles (GVW < 3.5 tonnes) are free.