on board
The passenger is strictly subject to the discipline on board under the authority of the Captain of the ship. Users are required to comply with all relevant regulations and instructions given by the company AREMITI, Captain, or crew members. Passengers must wait for the staff instructions to embark or disembark.

The Aremiti company can refuse the access to its ships to a passenger whose attitude or behavior is not compatible with respect for the safety of other passengers or the ship, or is likely to harm public order. In this case, no refund or ticket exchange will be possible if it be purchased before boarding.

Passengers shall in no way disturb the tranquility of the other travelers and the crew with songs, quarrels, improper gestures, aggressive remarks and to use on ships and holds boarding sound instruments.

Passengers while intoxicated will not be allowed on board. Drug use is strictly prohibited, under penalty of prosecution. It is also forbidden to smoke on board (Article 10 of Law n ° 2009-04 of countries of 11/02/2008).

For your safety, the Aremiti company invites you to take into account the particular behavior of a ship at sea which may present motion platform (rolling or pitching) depending on weather conditions. It is strongly recommended to limit moving on ships or to be assisted by the crew.

Minor children travel under the responsibility of their parents and will not move on the ships unaccompanied. The adults responsible of minors must ensure that they do not run on board, do not climb on the barrier, on crates, on seats or on the lifesaving devices.

The company assumes no responsibility in case of non-observance of the safety instructions.